Dark, Red Riding hood

Red Riding hood

Hey everyone, this week I’ve been playing with my editing style so I did a Red Riding Hood photo shoot!

What I’m going for is a darkish, haunted looking,┬ástylized photo! (like this)

Dark, Red Riding hood

Dark image of Red riding hood

This is the photo that shows most what I was going for. I went in with this shot in mind, and got it! Yay! (Big thanks to the model, Nicole!)

But here are some more photos from the shoot that I was really happy with! They’re a little (literally) lighter looking. Hope you enjoy!!

Red riding hood Red Riding Hood

These photos were sure fun to take and play with! I haven’t really tried doing a photo shoot like this before so this was fun to do!

I plain on doing more random photo projects like this one throughout the next year! So be sure to keep updated and let me know what you think!

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