All about Me!

Hello, my name in Elizabeth Megill. I run my own business, Hat’s off to you Photography! I’m a 20 year old hat loving, enthusiastic, movie watching, car obsessed, God follower…

Hat's off to you Photography

and This is my Blog!


1: My hats!


2: My family! I can’t tell you how much I love my family, God has really blessed me!  They make some great models and are great sports about me taking their pictures all the time!

Dad & Mom Dancing Sibling

3: And last, my photography! So really here is a 6 photo preview of what’s to come!

In this blog I will take you on all my travels and adventures, and you’ll see all the fun little photo projects I’ll be doing! So enjoy!!

2 thoughts on “All about Me!

  1. This is Elizabeth. She’s the best girl in the world. She’s my 6 year old son’s first love who isn’t Mommy. She’s the person my 8 year old autistic son trusts like his own family. She’s an amazing photographer. She’s fun loving. She’s a mixture of youthful enthusiasm and hard working responsible care giver. She’s the best! We’d adopt her but she already has an awesome loving family.

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