My Hometown

As a photographer, it’s a good thing to know local areas, nice pretty places for photos. For all kinds of  photos!

One of the most fun things is finding photos to show off your local beauty. And some of the coolest things about my hometown are its murals. There are more then 20 murals scattered on the walls around the town.

They’re all beautiful and different!  And I’m here to show some of them to you! I went around town with a friend, finding and looking at them all! Here are some of my favorites!

One beautiful reason I love living in my small town!


IMG_6913 copy IMG_6922 IMG_6939 copy IMG_6957 IMG_6973 IMG_6996 copy IMG_7016

IMG_7066 IMG_7033 IMG_7091 IMG_7100 IMG_7116 IMG_7122

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