An odd kind of beauty

So there are all kinds a things here. There is poverty for sure, but there is this odd kind of beauty to life here! Everyone here works hard! And up here in the mountains… there’s this peaceful way of life! Theres this kind of calm sadness here!


I’m not good with words, So I will try to show you what I’m thinking, through these photos!!

This is my Haiti!


IMG_1165 copy


Men making jewelry

Men making jewelry


Fog way up in the mountains

Fog way up in the mountains


IMG_3171 copy

Nice houses up in the mountains


Burning trash on the side of the road

Burning trash on the side of the road


IMG_4606 copy


IMG_3969 - Copy copy


IMG_4761 copy



A Lady cooking


IMG_kjh5209 copy

2 thoughts on “An odd kind of beauty

  1. I love the first one of the fog! And I think the simple phrases that you used to describe it matched up perfectly with your pictures. Awesome post!

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