My World of Hats (Part 2)

Hello y’all! As you can guess I love Hats, hence Hats Off to You Photography, and have quite the collection! (136 Hats) So I’m here to share with you some more (Part 1) of my Hats! And yes I have worn every Hat out at least once!

IMG_7419 copy


1.) Character Hats!

Theses are definitely some of the most fun Hats that I have! I love having fun Hats that I don’t really wear often but I should just have!

When I was on a BIG Sherlock kick I went and got a Deer Stalker Hat (Sherlock Hat!)



2.)Classy British Hats!

Bowler Hats and Top Hats…how much more Classy or British can you get!?! Once I really started collecting Hats I knew that I really needed a top hat!! These are not the best of top hats, but come on they’re like at least $100 so when I get rich I will get a REALLY  good one!!! 😀



3.) 1920’s Hats

Vintage Hats are definitely some of my favorite Hats!! I just love a big old Classy 20s Hat!! Most of these I got in garage sales or were presents or in great little antiques stores! Antiques stores are some of my favorite places to go and find those fabulous Hats!


4.)Newsboy cap/Flatcap Hats!

These might be my favorite of my Hats! They’re just such a super great Hat that goes with a simple casual look and can even work with a cute dress or fashiony look!!!


5.)Wide Brim Fedora Hats!

These are a little harder to find then the classic Fedoras, but definitely have their own good style and are fabulous Hats!

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