Prayers For Haiti

Hello. As many of you know I will be heading down to Haiti this fall for three mouths. (September – the end of November)

I’ve been so blessed by all the financial help y’all have given to me! But most important is the prayer support I’ve gotten. So to help you out with what specifically you can pray for, here’s a list for you! 😀


  • Finances. That I’ll have them all in time! I’m a good part of the way there, but still working on it.


  • Spiritually. Prayers that going in there I’m really spiritually ready to do what I’ll be doing; that I’m in sync with God’s plan for what I’ll be doing there, and for what God will be doing long-term in the orphanage. I want to really be able to sense His presence there, teaching me, and I want it to be a great spiritual growth time for me.


  • Weather. Especially HEAT! I’ve always had a problem with extreme heat and never been a big fan of summer; it tends to stress me out. So prayer that either it’s not hot for 3 months ;-)…. OR that God just shields me from the stress of the heat. And for overall weather, that there aren’t any earthquakes.


  • Emotional. This is kind of connected to Spiritual, but pray that I would be emotionally full when I go up there. I want to be able to give abundantly and not get worn out quickly. I’ve done short missions before but nothing quite as long as this.

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