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As a photographer, it’s a good thing to know local areas, nice pretty places for photos. For all kinds of  photos! One of the most fun things i...

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My Homtown

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Coming here To GLA in Haiti has been one big experience! This has been my first time even really seeing an orphanage. I was really expecting it to be ...

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What I was expecting

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So there are all kinds a things here. There is poverty for sure, but there is this odd kind of beauty to life here! Everyone here works hard! And up h...

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An odd kind of beauty


Hello! For those of you who don’t know, I am in Haiti working at God’s Littlest Angels. I have been here for almost one month and I will b...

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A Little bit of Haiti!

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Hello y’all! As you can guess I love Hats, hence Hats Off to You Photography, and have quite the collection! (136 Hats) So I’m here to share with ...

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My World of Hats (Part 2)


Hey Y’all! I have some Exciting news for you! This winter I will be selling a 2016 Fairy-Tale Calendar!!! “AHHH!” I know, right? It&...

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Fairy Tale Calendar


Hello. As many of you know I will be heading down to Haiti this fall for three mouths. (September – the end of November) I’ve been so bles...

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Prayers For Haiti

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So I am working on my kitchen wall decor. We (my family) picked some of the family’s favorite foods for me to photograph. Then we’ll put t...

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French Toast (kitchen decor)


So I love Spring, it’s so pretty! So in celebration of Spring here are some photos!   Here’s one of the melting of the snow!   A...

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1st day of Spring

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