My World of Hats — (Part 1)

Hello y’all! As you can guess I love Hats, hence Hats Off to You Photography, and have quite the collection! So I’m here to share with you (some) of my Hats! And yes I have worn every hat out at least once!

IMG_0508 copy copy

1) Fedoras: These are some of the most popular and easy to find hats! These are my Fedoras; some came from local stores, some from England, some from antique stores, and some were gifts


2) Cowboy Hats: not as much of an everyday look, but they’re definitely super cute and add an essential distinction and style like nothing else!

3) Furry Winter Hats (not an official title) Cute and warm! Nothing like a cute furry hat to take the cold by storm!

4) Beret: Definitely a nice, everyday look! They can go with any style! A really easy hat to just throw on and go!

5) Sun Hats (Big floppy hats): Definitely a classic hat! Sun hats are easy and fun to accessorize.  A pin or a scarf can really add some color/finesse.

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